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3 km of seafront, close to Florianopolis, with great surfing beach

This plot has over 3 km of seafront - protected on both ends and in the back by virgin hills - and near one of the most impressive beaches of Brazil - the Guarda do Embau. Even at low tide, the land has a small beach - some 100 m - with great surfing waves; at low tide, the beach stretches

(pic.1) It is part of a natural protection area, which has saved it from development so far


(pic. 2) the property's beach is a great surfing spot, with views to several islands

(pic. 3) the famous beach of Guarda do Embau - as seen from the south point of the land.
Near the other end of the beach - Altos de Garopaba.

the property's beach at high tide - backed by some dunes and an impressive hill flank on the north-west;
at low tide, there is a narrow strip of beach all along this flank (some 700-800m)

near the beach, both on the south and north side, there are good building spots;
but the beach itself is backed by an impressive, overgrown hill flank

the view, looking north from the south side (the beach is just behind the grassy spots)


On the north side, there is a lot of cleared area for construction: there is no beach but the cliffs create impressive views over the crashing waves.
On this side, too, a 'point' separates the area and gives complete control over the views from the land.

This picture shows the land in real north-south orientation. On the bottom, famous Guarda do Embau beach; on the top, Florianopolis.



real estate in Brazil - land for developers, hotels, investors

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